Eco-friendly disposal and recycling of beds, mattresses, and box springs

Many mattresses, unfortunately, wind up in a local landfill instead of in a recycling or donation center. The reality is that mattresses can be recycled.

If you need a mattress removed from your home, apartment, or business, the best option is hiring an environmentally friendly company like ours to do the work. We make it simple for you to get rid of a mattress the right way.

In addition to recycling, we typically donated unwanted mattresses that are still in good condition to local charities and homeless shelters here in Chicago. If your mattress meets all requirements for donation, our team will happily transport it to an organization in need.

Our pros ably haul away all types of mattresses. However, we may not be able to take those infested with bed bugs or ones that are waterlogged.

In addition to mattresses, box springs and bed frames, we remove, dispose, and recycle all kinds of furniture, appliances, electronics, carpeting, and more.