Our home and kitchen appliance hauling and disposal process

When you’re ready to have your appliances removed from your property, simply disconnect them from any electrical, gas, or water lines. No need to do heavy lifting that can cause back pain.

We take it from there. Our junk hauling pros arrive, carefully evaluate the appliances you want to part with, and come to a decision on if it can be recycled, donated, or somehow repurposed.

That’s what we call a win-win. Not only does appliance removal help declutter your house or business, we also keep old appliances out of landfills, which is friendly to our environment.

Since appliances house chemicals that can harm the environment, we use modern and safe removal methods and equipment. We also lift and move appliances carefully to prevent damage to walls, floors, and doorways. Once an appliance is placed in our trailer, we transport it for safe disposal.

If it is in good working order or parts can be salvaged, we find people in the community who can use it. Metal, plastic, and glass parts are separated from hazardous and non-recyclable parts at recycling centers. If you want hassle-free appliance or furniture removal, we’re the company for you.